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Be a Superhero! (And make sure that your loved ones are looked after this Mother’s Day)

Nowadays, more than ever, it is important to show our loved ones just how much we appreciate them. On Mother’s Day this year, as we reflect on the last 12 months, you may wish to show your appreciation and demonstrate your love and affection for your Mum, Grandma, Spouse, Sibling, or someone else dear to you. Now what if we told you, you could get your hands-on Superhero powers to make sure these loved ones were always protected?


We all like the idea of being a Superhero and having the ability to do amazing things to help those around us. Well, you could make it a reality, and without being bitten by a radioactive spider, hit by a strange space mist, or hailing from a different planet.

We could give you the power to protect those you love through our life insurance plans. Regardless of your wealth, insurance is a necessity to protect yourself, your family or your estate.


How do these powers sound to you?

  • If you die unexpectedly the mortgage will be paid-off for your family, or there will be a lump sum available to help them maintain their lifestyle.
  • If you survive following a severe illness which leaves you unable to return to work, a lump sum can be used to repay a mortgage, pay for life changing adjustments or replace the income you have lost through your illness.
  • If you fall ill and need to take time off work, you’ll have a monthly income that takes care of the bills.
  • If you have an accident and need hospital treatment, money will be paid into your bank account to help soften the financial impact.


Okay, so you won’t have superhuman strength or be able to outrun a speeding train, but they’re useful powers for your family.


How a Financial Adviser can find the best superpower for YOU


Every one of us has entirely different circumstances and so when looking at insurance protection, it is definitely not a case that one size fits all. A Financial Adviser will firstly gain a clear understanding of your background, gathering the factual information necessary to put your needs in the context of your current financial situation.


After a thorough analysis, a custom-design solution for you is created; ensuring that you and and/or your dependants can stay on track and accomplish the things you aim to achieve, despite the obstacles put in their path.


You might be surprised how little it could cost to become a superhero. There’s no need to be a heroic billionaire looking to save the city with an arsenal of high-tech gadgets; you can buy your superpowers for an affordable monthly amount.


All you need is a qualified and experienced Financial Adviser to understand your personal financial circumstances and work with you to select the best insurance protection plans for you and your loved ones. To get your hands on your own superpowers this Mother’s Day please get in touch – we’d love to help you.


Face to face advice.

  • We talk you through everything step by step
  • How we’re protecting you

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