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Day 4 of the Kathmandu Valley Cycle Challenge

Today started at 7am for breakfast and then a warm up by our yoga expert Sanjay, who took us through some moves.

On the bikes and the first 4km was tarmac and downhill, but the hills soon rose in front of us.

A very quiet day for falls today, with Guy taking out Stuart and taking a photo and Devesh wiping out on a steep drop.  Everyone had a great time today. We were at the lunch stop early, so had some time to kill before the food was ready. Time to relax a bit.

Lunch was the usual Nepalese curry and we only had 10km left after lunch before we reached our hotel.

We have learnt over the last 4 days, however, that there is no such thing as just 10km in Nepal.

Kathmandu 2
The 10km started with a steep drop into the valley and some rolling hills. Not bad, but then we hit a climb up towards our hotel…4km along a busy road which was a very interesting experience!

Nearly there with only 600 metres to go, said our local guide, Jagun, but he neglected to mention it was uphill all the way and very steep. Still we all dug deep and got to the hotel and our rooms to find there was no hot water!

Eventually we had all washed in the 4 rooms which did have hot water and eventually made it to a lovely dinner.

Tomorrow is the hardest day of the week, so early dinner and early to bed for a 6am start. Check in tomorrow for the next instalment.


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