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ESG: An Ethical Investing Guide

In recent years, responsible or sustainable investing has become an increasingly topical issue within the investment industry. It’s an approach that involves considering not just how companies are managed but other issues too, from the impact they have on the environment to the roles they play in society.

Although there’s no standard definition of what it means to invest responsibly, environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors provide a useful set of standards to assess potential investments.

Omnis believe embracing an ESG framework is an increasingly reliable way to identify high-quality businesses that can continue to operate profitably and sustainably for many years to come. It’s also consistent with their long-term approach to preserving and growing wealth.

What does it mean to invest responsibly?
If you’d like to find out more about this popular theme, then you might find our ESG investing guide helpful. As well as looking at the different definitions and what they mean, you can read about:

  • The latest trends in responsible investing at a time when the global health crisis has had such a dramatic impact on our world.
  • How they’ve embedded an ESG lens within their investment process and how that influences their decisions.
  • How the third-party managers they use to construct portfolios integrate ESG factors within their own investment processes.

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