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How to unlock your superhero powers this Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a chance for fathers, dads, daddies, stepdads, and all the honorary dads out there to feel the love, especially after the year we have had.

Father figures are often relied upon to protect the family and keep everyone safe from harm, and it isn’t always easy. Even dads are only human, after all.

So, what would you say if you had the opportunity to arm yourself with superhero powers, not only on Father’s Day but every day, and make sure your loved ones were always protected?

Who doesn’t like the idea of being a superhero? Whether you yearn for superhuman strength, or the ability to fly or be invisible, the urge to protect and help others can be strong. But before you don your cape and tights, let’s explain how we could give you the power to protect those you love through our life insurance plans.

5 superhero powers within your grasp

Few people get excited about or enjoy paying for insurance, but it does offer valuable peace of mind that everything and everyone will be taken care of, if the worst happens.

Here are 5 superhero powers within your grasp that can make a real difference in a time of need:

1) If you have an accident and need hospital treatment, accident protection will give you a tax-free lump sum in the event of a specified accidental injury, to soften the financial impact while you recuperate.
2) If you fall ill and need to take time off work, income protection will give you a monthly income that takes care of the bills until you get back on your feet; providing reassurance that whilst you are unable to work, you will receive a monthly payment to maintain your financial commitments and personal lifestyle.
3) If you’re unable to return to work after a severe illness, critical illness cover can provide you with a lump sum to repay a mortgage or other debts, pay for life-changing adjustments or replace the income you’ve lost.
4) Life Cover gives you the peace of mind to know if you die unexpectedly the mortgage will be paid off for your family, or there will be a lump sum available to help them with living expenses.
5) Protection can be extended not just to the inhabitants of your home, but also to the bricks and mortar that surround them and its contents with Residential Buildings and Contents Insurance which guards against accidental damage, fire, loss or theft or other unforeseen circumstances.

Granted these may not be the superpowers you see in the films or on the TV, but they can be just as incredible and life changing. Is potentially leaving your loved ones unprotected and vulnerable, a risk worth taking? The good news is – you can rent these superhero powers for an affordable amount each month.

How a Financial Adviser can help you unlock these Superhero powers

Everyone has unique circumstances and so when looking at insurance protection, it’s important you speak with a qualified and experienced Financial Adviser who can help unlock the right superhero power for you and your situation.

A Financial Adviser should firstly gain a clear understanding of your background, gathering the information necessary to put your needs in the context of your current financial situation. There’s no need for superhuman strength or X-ray vision – just a thorough analysis, after which they can create a custom-designed solution for you; ensuring that you and/or your dependents can stay on track and accomplish the things you aim to achieve, regardless of obstacles put in your path.

To unlock your own superhero powers this Father’s Day please get in touch – we’d love to help you.


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