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What is Private Medical Insurance?

If you’re a resident of the UK, chances are you’re covered for free healthcare from the government. However, you will find yourself limited to NHS facilities, which can include long wait times, work against your schedule, and not cover certain specialists.

Private medical insurance not only covers you for procedures and benefits you may not get from the NHS, it also gives you the choice to go through private specialists and hospitals for, getting you convenient, fast treatment.

Vitality Health is an award-winning private medical insurance that treats you with the respect and priority you deserve from first class healthcare. With the Vitality GP app, you are able to get a video consultation from a qualified GP within 48
hours, subject to opening hours, making it faster and easier to get a referral to a consultant.

You also have 24 hour access to the GP hotline, so there is always someone available to answer your urgent questions.

Vitality Health Core Cover also includes coverage for talking therapies, rehab, corrective surgeries, and weight loss surgeries, which may not be covered under your basic NHS insurance.

There are often home nursing and private ambulance possibilities and if you’re admitted to hospital, private rooms are an option. You can even personalize your coverage to fit your personal needs and budget.

But the thing that really sets Vitality Health apart from other private insurances is their devotion to spreading the happiness of a healthy lifestyle.

The Vitality magazine and newsletter delivers tips and motivations from Vitality Ambassadors Jessica Ennis-Hill, Jonny Wilkinson and Joe Root. Jessica, Jonny, and Joe, professional athletes who are experts in physical health, all embrace the Vitality vision. They believe a healthy lifestyle is a journey of small steps, and everyone needs a helping hand along the way. Learning from them helps you stay motivated on your own personal fitness journey.

When you become a Vitality member, you can register through the online Member zone, to have your fitness habits evaluated and scored. The online health review will give you a blueprint for understanding your current fitness level and how to make improvements. Then you can track and document your daily activity, and qualify for useful discounts on memberships with partnered gyms and fitness products.

The more active you are, the more Vitality points you earn, and the bigger the rewards. Twelve points in a week, for instance, earns you a free Starbucks drink and a movie ticket, to reward yourself for all that hard work.

With partners ranging from electronics to international travel, the sky’s the limit for how much you can save just by getting healthier. With four levels of points achievement, from Bronze to Platinum, Vitality Health encourages you to constantly improve.

Nobody wants to worry about their health care coverage when they actually need it. With Vitality Health private medical insurance, you can be assured that you’ll have the treatment you need, when you need it.

A health insurance company that actually cares about your health—what a novel idea!

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Terms and conditions apply. This is an annual contract so premiums and terms and conditions are reviewed annually and there are some conditions and treatments they can’t cover.


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